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Sustainable Food Security, Wildlife Conservation, & Ecosystem Preservation in Zambia Africa
COMACO is a non-profit business that reduces human hunger and poverty while saving wild animals and ecosystems.

Reducing Human Poverty and Hunger while Saving Wildlife and Ecosystems

Far off in a remote area of Zambia, called the Luangwa Valley, a new model for conservation is saving not only wildlife and habitat but reducing poverty and hunger among the many thousands of poor farmers who share this valley with elephants and other wildlife.

Community Markets for Conservation (COMACO)

COMACO is a novel, emerging company in Zambia that is pioneering an innovative way for making markets and conservation work together. It produces IT'S WILD!, a special brand of organic, value-added processed products that come from the farmers who live with wildlife.  Urban consumers buy these products and in doing so, pay for the cost of rewarding small-scale farmers for supporting conservation.  The idea that a company can work to improve the lives of poor farmers by supporting conservation may seem too good to be true. Far from it, it is happening and on a scale that is beginning to impress even the most skeptical!

National Geographic Video About COMACO

What would you do to survive?

You're a farmer in rural Zambia and it was a bad season for crops. Your food harvest was too little to carry your family through to the next harvest. The time you devoted to growing cotton kept you from growing more food and the money you earned from the cotton company is still not enough to meet your needs.

A WCS Program

COMACO is a program of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to develop synergies between agriculture, markets and conservation around protect areas in Zambia. The WCS saves wildlife and wild lands through careful science, international conservation, education, and the management of wildlife parks.