The COMACO team started with a staff of 15 back in 2003. We were grossly underfunded but hugely emboldened with the vision of running a company that one day would help turn poachers into farmers. Today it is company of 217 staff and what was once a vision yesterday has now become a reality.Its vision for tomorrow aspires to do much more: to run a company that helps entire communities across the Luangwa Valley ecosystem sustain a better life for their families by practicing conservation and keeping this ecosystem safe for posterity. It is also a team that recognizes it has pioneered an important rural development model for Zambia’s future and anticipates a role of helping potential partners extend this model to new and important landscapes supporting Zambia’s rich biodiversity.Taking COMACO forward on this journey is a team of talented, innovative, committed leaders. A brief profile of its senior staff and board members is presented here.

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