Where we are

Over the past 12 years, COMACO has grown from its initial operational area of selected chiefdoms in Lundazi district to all nine districts surrounding Luangwa Valley. The illustrated maps show this incremental growth to where today, COMACO operates across all of the Luangwa Valley, extending over 70,000 sq.km and encompassing communal lands for 63 chiefdoms that surround five national parks and protected forests.

Operationally, COMACO subdivides this area into subregions where extension staff operate out of seven farmer support centres and the It’s WIld! business manufacture products out of three regional hubs. Sometimes the two coexist from the same location.

The illustrated map shows these locations by subregions.

COMACO’s head office is in Lusaka where its senior management directs operations and provide on-going oversight and support to its 7 support centres and three hubs.

COMACO Head Office:
Light Industrial Area
Plot No: 7223, Kachidza Road
Lusaka, Zambia.
Tel: +260-211-226082
Fax: +260-211-234-286
Email: sales@itswild.org


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