What your donation can mean

Your support of COMACO is an investment in a vital and innovative model for conserving Africa’s wildlife.  It has proven to work on a scale rarely seen elsewhere, helping connect crucial services and key markets to over 130,000 small-scale farmers who need it most while providing alternatives to poaching and using market incentives to put an end to illegal wildlife trade.

COMACO believes small-scale farmers can be the best stewards for wildlife and habitat if they farm the right crops the right way with market incentives that encourage good conservation practices. It has created its own brand of products, called It’s Wild!, to inspire consumers how they too can be part of the solution. The approach has turned over 1200 poachers into farmers, preferring plow to guns, while years of habitat loss are being slowly won back with community conservation plans and more skilled leaders.

None of this is easy. It takes years and dedicated staff to make this happen. It also requires solutions that bring the cost down to levels that a market-based approach like COMACO can sustain. And most importantly, it takes help from people like yourselves who believe in us to use your money wisely to ensure this model succeeds and endures.

Large or small, your donation is needed so together we invest in communities who want to do the right thing for their land and wildlife. We have a good track record for transforming poor farmers and building resilient communities around conservation. It is our passion to keep doing this work and teaching others how to as well.

COMACO is proud to be featured as a high-impact nonprofit in ending global poverty by Agora for Good, allowing our supporters the opportunity to give online to COMACO and receive full benefit of a 501(c)(3) tax exempt donation in the USA.