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IT'S WILD! Natural Foods

IT'S WILD! Natural Foods!

Good for Zambia! Good for YOU!

IT'S WILD! foods are the first truly All-Zambian, all “Green” products available on the grocers shelf! Every ingredient in IT'S WILD! foods are grown organically and sustainably in Zambia using strict conservation farming standards. The goal at IT’S WILD! is to produce high quality, tasty, nutritional foods at value prices while supporting small scale, conservation-based agriculture in the rural areas of Zambia.  Every purchase of IT'S WILD! foods contributes directly to the conservation of Zambia's wildlife and ecosystems while reducing poverty and hunger! You can enjoy every yummy bite of  IT'S WILD! food while knowing you’re doing something GREAT for your planet right in your own back yard!
Good for Zambia! 

The IT'S WILD! food products are all produced locally in Zambia, and benefit rural farm families in Luangwa Valley and other COMACO areas such as Siringe. Growing the commodities and doing all processing and packaging locally keeps profits here at home in Zambia to reinvest in development of this beautiful nation. All sales of IT'S WILD! foods go into supporting conservation farming and provides the financial support for the payment of conservation dividends to participating, compliant farmers. Buying IT'S WILD! products lets YOU contribute directly to the conservation of Zambia's wildlife and ecosystems while reducing poverty and hunger!

Good for YOU!

All the IT'S WILD! foods produced by COMACO are chemical pesticide free and most are completely organic. We keep all our processing to a minimum to produce the most natural products possible. There are no unnecessary added sugars or emulsifiers - only great tasting, all Zambian, healthy foods in every bite! Try IT'S WILD foods today!!

 Watch COMACO's IT'S WILD! Product Production and Processing Video for a behind the scenes look at the making of IT'S WILD! products!

The IT'S WILD! food product line currently consists of whole ground nuts (packaged in 1 and 5 kg bags and handy Snakpaks) Peanut Butter (crunchy and smooth, in 1 and 5 kg jars), Honey, Chama Rice (brown and white, packaged in 1, 5, and 10 kg bags) Yummy Soy (in 1kg bags and 1.5 kg boxes) Dried Bean products (including packaged kabulengeti beans, and prepared HEPS) and of course, Zambia’s staple food – maize meal, sold in 40kg bags.

Try IT'S WILD! foods today! You can find IT'S WILD! foods at most Shop-rite, Spar, and Melissa’s Grocery stores in Lusaka, as well as many private grocers nationwide.

COMACO also sells directly to wholesalers, grocers and to lodge, kitchen and canteen suppliers! To order IT'S WILD! food products for stock in YOUR store, or to purchase quantities for use in restaurants or canteens, contact the COMACO Product Business Manager at  +2606-480074 or contact us online.