Our Approach

COMACO uses a business approach to identify economic solutions that help end poverty among small-scale farmers and drive better strategies for sustaining conservation.

We identify in collaboration with farming communities best options and technologies to diversify and raise farm productivity that meet criteria for conservation standards and achieve market success for small-scale farmers.

We partner and commit support to farmers who sign a “Conservation Pledge” to abandon harmful farming and land use practices and adopt those that help restore soil fertility and increase biodiversity and habitat protection.

We manufacture and sell value-added food products under the brand It’s Wild! to premium-valued markets and source the commodities for these products from the communities we partner with.

We pay our farmers an added value for their crops when they demonstrate commitment to stop such destructive practices as poaching and adopt farming practices that protect the land on which they depend.
We support on-going training initiatives that lead to well-organized farmer cooperatives better able to sustain farmer support needs and continued market development and commitment to conservation for the long-term.

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A comprehensive overview of the COMACO model can be downloaded here.
An executive summary of the COMACO company profile here

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