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 Beehives for Protecting Luangwa's Watersheds - Sponsor a hive for $35!


Wild honey production through the use of modern bar hives is one of COMACOs more exciting and successful business initiatives COMACO has launched for helping protect Luangwa's watersheds and wildlife habitat, but the landscape is vast and we have just begun to scratch the surface. The good news is that our processing techniques yield exceptionally high quality honey. IT'S WILD! honey - all wild, organic quality that commands a good market value for the producer, who can now see an economic value in keeping forests safe. The use of modern, Kenyan-style, top-bar hives reduces trauma to the bees and discourages swarming, while making honey harvests more simple and far less disturbing for all.

Since launching the bee-farming initiative, COMACO has more than doubled the value of honey for the producer. Current challenges are to dramatically scale up honey production and to encourage more farmers to manage their living trees for profit rather than cutting them down for cotton, charcoal or tobacco.You can help by supporting the cost of building bar hives to help scale up this initiative. We buy pre-cut wood from a lumber mill, using white, non-native trees taken from a tree plantation, and employ transformed poachers to construct them in an assembly-line type production. Each hive use $18 worth of materials.

Our target is to distribute 4000 new hives to 2000 families living in sensitive areas of Luangwa watershed. The recipients will pay back approximately 50% of the cost through a cost-recovery of about $8 in honey at their local trading depot. In return, the recipients will agree to maintain firebreaks around the patch of forests they are managing for honey and perhaps in the future even harvest wild edible mushrooms.

The bee-farming project is a part of the larger effort to reduce deforestation and stabilize soils that also includes the "One Million Trees" program, and projects to plant grass retaining walls in flood-prone areas, and reflects COMACO's committment to preserving the Luangwa Valley!