It’s Wild! Peanut Butter

Nutritious and high in protein

Simply the best in Africa

No added sugar, no synthetic homogenizers

Peanut butter is made from groundnuts. As a legume, groundnuts are both tasty and nutritious. It is also an important rotation crop, grown in alternate years with maize, and help improve soil fertility and reduce the need for costly, chemical fertilizers. COMACO farmers benefit not only from the premium price we pay for their groundnuts, but also from the free fertilizing effect of the crop.

Send your kids to school with a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, knowing that your purchase helps to make this product affordable as a healthy food product for kids living in Luangwa Valley. It is also a great additive when cooking porridge or vegetables.

Send your kids to school with a PB & jelly sandwich, knowing that your purchase is actively helping a kid from Luangwa Valley do the same.

Order directly by calling +260 6480 074 or contact us online

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