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Poachers are not free anymore….

Continued collaboration between the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DNPW) and COMACO through a recently signed MOU is facilitating a growing willingness by COMACO farmers to report incidents of poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking to assist in making arrests by DNPW.  We call this the “COMACO firewall” to stop poaching, as illustrated in the diagram below: We do not …

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It’s Wild! The products behind the brand

The flavor, the taste and the story behind It’s Wild! products excites consumers and for good reason.  It’s Wild! is all about what’s in the package – natural, healthy food products – sourced entirely from small-scale farmers. This is what makes It’s Wild! so special, , with more and more consumers discovering just how special it is. Recently, we received …

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COMACO’s Behind-The-Scene Team

The Finance and IT team as headed by COMACO’s CFO, Prudence Muchinouta, boasts of professional and qualified men and women whose aim is to ensure the implementation of controls and preparation of adequate reports that help the business achieve their growth targets. This team has been in the forefront in ensuring that the resources received are utilized effectively and profitably …

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Sourcing from smallholder farmers for quality and conservation

COMACO turns markets into a tool for conservation.  By sourcing directly from farmers who commit to conservation pledges, It’s Wild! is winning a loyal consumer base who value both food quality and conservation.  Not only do our farmers grow their crops without using chemicals and in ways that help keep soils healthy, they are also learning that COMACO pays better …

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Scaling up production for a market that is ‘hungry’ for better, healthier products

COMACO believes that healthy food and a healthy environment go hand-in-hand.  We try to make this happen by buying commodities directly from the farmer where we know the crop was grown without dangerous chemicals and by farmers who care for their soils.  However, the story is more than that.  From the day COMACO started its journey into the business world, …

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Outsourcing sales and distribution – a big step for COMACO

COMACO’s growth and long-term sustainability depends on increasing sales not only in existing market channels but in ones it has not yet ventured. To meet this challenge, COMACO signed an agreement on 25thJuly with Gourock Zambia. They will take over all product sales and distribution in Zambia and DRC, except for selected institutional sales of Yummy Soy and poultry feed. …

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It’s Wild! Conservation Areas – A future new market?

When COMACO communities began allocating land areas for the creation of protected Community Conservation Areas, the goal was simply to protect the remaining forests from becoming degraded, deforested and spoiled for future generations. Local leaders saw a responsibility for doing what was ethically right. Within a few years, over 1 million hectares had been set aside for protection under Community …

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Carbon payment kickoff – a plus for COMACO, a benefit to farming communities

COMACO working together with smallholder farmers and their leaders have successfully demonstrated their capacity to reduce carbon emissions by reducing deforestation and protecting the soils they depend on to grow their crops.  The achievement represents a reduction of carbon emissions totaling 214,495 tons of CO2 – a first for Zambia.  Through a carbon purchase agreement with the World Bank BioCarbon …

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Campaigning our way into the wholesale market

The word is out! It’s Wild! is here for everyone – the young, the elderly; the healthy, the sick; for women, for men, from every possible  background. It’s Wild! events are attracting huge crowds around towns in Zambia. Songs and dances are performed to educate and inform consumers about what It’s Wild! products are and the benefits they bring. With …

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It’s Wild! – Bold, natural and nutritious products, uniquely and proudly Zambian

COMACO does what other food processing companies fail to do.   It trains and supports small-scale farmers to produce food crops without chemicals by using nature’s own secrets.  For small-scale farmers, this works.  Soils stay fertile, crops face fewer pests and yields improve for more diverse crops.  COMACO then buys fresh farm commodities only from these farmers to make It’s Wild! …

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