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The Campaign to Help Save an Ecosystem

On Giving Tuesday, November 29th, COMACO is kicking off a holiday-giving campaign to raise money for 100 Forest Guardians to help protect over 1.2 million hectares of land set aside for forest and wildlife protection around the Luangwa Valley. Forest Guardians are residents chosen by their community leaders because of their proven passion for conservation. The job requires leaving home …

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Launching a Future for Zambia’s Forests

A teacher in a rural school in Zambia’s Eastern Province displayed a drawing of a tree on the backboard. He pointed to the roots and the canopy, asking why they are important. The students replied, “The roots hold the tree in the ground and feed it with nutrients, and the canopy supports the leaves that give the tree energy from …

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Carbon Off-Sets in California Promote Fuel Efficient Cookstoves in Zambia

A major Californian land and housing development company has chosen the COMACO cookstove initiative to make its entire operations climate neutral.  To do this, their net greenhouse gas emissions will be offset through the replacement of open fire cooking where households use large pieces of firewood with 5000 advanced rocket stoves that use only small sticks and allow much greater …

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Communities Restoring Forests, Saving Wildlife Habitats

Traditional leaders, or Chiefs as they are called, are showing courage and leadership for the protection of their resources.  Sometimes the threats come from within, and for these, Chiefs engage their village leaders to sensitive everyone, including children, to safeguard the land from wasteful tree-cutting and burning.  Other times the threats come from outside.  Using a network of local informers, …

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Saving forests on a scale not seen before in Zambia: – Challenges and Opportunities

Zambia’s growing human population is increasing land use pressures on the Luangwa Valley ecosystem, causing rapid fragmentation of forests and biodiversity loss. What typically follows is a cascade of other environmental problems, and over time we see increased rate of greenhouse gas emissions, increased erosion and siltation of Luangwa River, loss of soil nutrients and subsequent drop in crop yields, …

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“A wonderful reminder of the impact COMACO is having nowadays is the likelihood of seeing wildlife in a growing number of COMACO areas.  On my last trip to Chief Nyalugwe’s area, for example, I found warthogs trotting along the road, unafraid of my approaching vehicle. When I asked one of the local people, he said, “These animals no longer fear us because there are no more poachers in …

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COMACO launches It’s Wild! Snack Nuts

A healthy home promotes a healthy nation. At COMACO, we engineer food to achieve that goal, plus giving farmers a better value to farm and conserve. COMACO’s Snack Nuts just hit the market and is a good example.  All organic, consisting of roasted peanuts coated with locally grown spices, the product offers a delicious, nutritious snack for Zambians at affordable …

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COMACO Welcomes New COO for the business: A brief interview

COMACO welcomes Chief Operating Officer Samuel Mate to the team this May. Mr. Mate brings with him his experience in the fast-moving consumer goods industry and his training as an engineer. He has quickly become part of the team, and hopes to help COMACO continue on its path of growth. How did you first learn of COMACO? “I came across …

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COMACO Peanut Butter Plant Commissioned by Government and Traditional Leadership

On June 22nd, a ceremony was held to honor the leadership of government and traditional rulers, whose continued support for COMACO’s mission has made the construction of this plant possible, and to officially declare COMACO’s peanut butter plant ready for production. As special guests, Zambian Agricultural Minister (represented by Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Royd Tembo), who was welcomed by the …

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Responsible Community-based Conservation in Chikwa Chiefdom

Members of the Muzungwi settlement, with support from Chief Chikwa, have willingly agreed to relocate from their location along the Kapichila-Senega wildlife corridor. Muzungwi, located in the Chimphamba area, is a settlement in Chikwa Chiefdom. This zone stretches along the Luangwa River for about 66km and is densely wooded, sparesely populated, lacks an extensive road network and other infrastructure, and …

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