It’s Wild! Food Products

IT`S WILD! food products are all natural, originating from the raw ingredients produced sustainably in Zambia by the small-scale farmers COMACO supports with farming skills and inputs that keep these products free from any toxic chemicals.  COMACO is demonstrating that it is possible to have premium quality and affordable food products that can also contribute to keeping Zambia beautiful, healthy and productive.

Small-scale farmers who produce the raw ingredients for It`s Wild! products are paid a premium price for their crops as a reward for adopting sustainable agricultural practices while conserving and restoring ecosystems and wildlife.  When you buy It`s Wild!, you contribute directly to the conservation of and to the welfare of small-scale farmers.

COMACO takes extraordinary effort to ensure the highest safety food standards for its products.

In short… It`s Wild! is good for you, and good for Zambia.