It’s Wild! Honey

Natural honey obtained from wild, native trees

No smoke used when harvesting to ensure a quality taste

No boiling during processing to maintain its natural health properties

COMACO`s beekeepers manage their apiaries carefully in order to minimize destructive wildfires that could deprive bees of food and shade. The company invests in well-made top-bar box hives that have a lifespan of about 10 years or more. Special care is taken when harvesting honey to avoid disturbing the hive. Only clear honey is harvested to produce the pure, high-quality honey that has made our brand of honey so famous in Zambia.
Our quality processing and harvesting standards and the premium price consumers are willing to pay have helped double the value of honey for local COMACO producers. These incentives motivate producers to look after their forests and contribute to reduced deforestation and improved habitat management for wildlife and other such beneficial resources like wild mushrooms.
Send your kids to school with a PB & jelly sandwich, knowing that your purchase is actively helping a kid from Luangwa Valley do the same.
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