Market Support – efficient upstream supply

COMACO farmers are often isolated and fragmented, because many are located in some of the hardest, most difficult to reach places in Zambia. COMACO helps to connect these farmers to markets.

COMACO operates a network of 11 Regional Farmer Support Centers which help coordinate the logistics of crop buying with local cooperatives through their local depots and bulking points where farmer producer groups bring their crops for sale.  Overseeing this process is an IT command center that uses cell phones and android tablets by selected lead farmers for communicating information to plan timely dispatches of trucks and funds for buying and collecting commodities.

This network serves not only to aggregate commodities for an efficient upstream supply but also for a downstream delivery of inputs and extension support when required.  In the coming years, cooperatives will be playing an increasingly important role of managing crop aggregation on their own through formal crop-buying contracts.

COMACO’s own warehouses and community depots, which now total 58, have a total capacity of storing over 7000 tons of commodities. Additional outside storage on slabs with tents can stockpile an additional 2000 tons.

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market support