Our Impact

COMACO changes the lives of small-scale farmers in real ways: having enough food to keep a family fed to the next harvest, earn enough money to send children to school, buy the medicine that can save a life, put up a metal roof for the family home or simply buy a mattress to sleep on.

As the lives of a growing number of farmers in a community improve, so too does the community itself begin to transform.  People who are not so desperate where their next meal will come from can think and plan for tomorrow and with this change comes improved community leadership willing and better able to make the right decisions to safeguard their natural resources.

COMACO monitors this transformation to assess its progress and encourages the process by providing communities the skills and incentives to demonstrate their capacity and commitment for making the right decisions themselves.  These incentives are sustained from the sale of It’s Wild! products and awarded on the basis of an annual conservation compliance audit, which COMACO undertakes for each of the 67 chiefdoms where COMACO operates.

Though COMACO maintains its own independent Monitoring and Evaluation Unit to collect much of the data on COMACO’s impact, such as household income, food production and compliance to recommended farming practices, other data for evaluating impact are collected by out-sourced, third-parties.

An overview of impact results are presented below:

  1. Hunger and poverty
  2. Ecosystems and wildlife
  3. Economic sustainability
  4. Documentaries
  5. Factsheets


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