Our impact on reduce hunger and poverty

COMACO goes to great lengths to measure and account for its impact in the communities where it operates.

A senior headman in Chief Kombombo’s area summed it up well why COMACO believes it is critical to address hunger and poverty and to monitor our efforts carefully to be assured we are having an impact.   When asked what his community would do if a Kudu were to walk through this village,  he replied,
“We would shoot it, but if we could produce enough food, we would admire it”

Highlights of our impact to date…

  • 80% of COMACO households registered are food secure as compare to 43% from our 2003 baseline
  • COMACO farmers who weed their fields and apply sustainable agriculture practices averaged maize yields over 2 tons/hectares versus .97 tons among non-COMACO farmers
  • Average annual income per family is $348, up from $79 in 2003.
    farmers practicing sustainable agriculture with agroforestry on .5 hectares are saving annually between $80-$120 on reduced fertilizer input costs
  • COMACO farmers have diversified their income sources and food sources to improve mitigation against climate extremes and risks of malnutrition
  • Total number of registered COMACO farmers is 164,300 farmers and 52% are women.

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