Our solution to conserve ecosystems & wildlife

People who live on the land, who know it and who depend on it can also conserve it- probably better than most. The solution lies in the following:

1) Providing economically viable alternatives to destructive farming and land use practices, and
2) Recognizing that if able to generate adequate income from their farms by understanding and adopting conservation practices, small-scale farmers are often very willing to stop poaching and other destructive behaviours.


COMACO is able to do both by producing its own value-added processed food products, sold under the brand, It’s Wild!, which are sourced entirely from the small-scale farmers it helps. COMACO uses these products in the market place to drive up the value of farm commodities and returns a significant share of the profit to farmers for complying with conservation initiatives and abandoning such practices as poaching and charcoal-making.

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