Our solution to reduce hunger and poverty

People do change when they are offered a better alternative and the means to pursue that alternative. No one should have to accept poverty and hunger especially if the means to change is available. COMACO helps foster that change in two ways:

1) Provide small-scale farmers with improved farming skills, farm inputs, year-round training support to practice these skills, and continuous access to knowledge about crops and soils to promote less dependence on chemical inputs, which are difficult to access because of cost and availability. The objective is to increase yields on a sustainable basis by keeping soils healthy and avoid the need to shift and clear new land. The objective is to increase yields on a sustainable basis without having to clear new land.

2) Provide easy access to higher paying commodity prices for small-scale farmers who adopt sustainable farming practices.

3) Sustain the cost of these prices by manufacturing and selling value-added food products sourced from the farmers who adopt improved farming practices.

4) Develop the capacity of farmers and their leaders to maintain their commitment and on-going skills development of sustainable agriculture.

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